So, what does 'brosia mean, anyway?

Well, it stems from the Greek word Ambrosia, which translates to the "food or drink of the gods," or "something pleasing to taste or smell." It is often depicted as conferring longevity or immortality upon whomever consumes it. Pretty perfect, eh?

Choose Food That Nourishes the Soul

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Why order from
'brosia Bowl?

Our company puts sustainability and health above all else. We are dedicated to using materials and ingredients that are ethically and sustainably produced. It's a win-win for you: you get to enjoy a nutritious, delicious meal while knowing that you're supporting an environmentally friendly cause.

Whether you're in the mood for chickpeas and rice or black beans and greens, you're sure to enjoy what you order from 'brosia Bowl. Eating vegan is sustainable and healthy. We make it easy and fun as well.

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When ordering from us, you'll get to pick your base, your protein and your toppings. We'll whip up a delicious, ready-to-heat meal made just for you. Then, we'll bring it right to your home so you don't have to go out.

Enjoy fresh ingredients like:

Mixed greens
Homemade dressings

The sky's the limit!

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'brosia BOWL utilizes the newest innovations in packaging

by using only 100% compostable products.

That's right! The bowls, the lids, the forks, the "plastic bags," all compostable! (Check out the company here). The food is completely free from all animal products (meat, eggs, dairy, honey) and I strive for as many gluten-free options as possible.